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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Vintage Pilot 57 G3 and Vintage Wing Sung 233

Bought a set of  Vintage Pilot 57 G3 fountain pen and twist mechanical pencil set with original box and two Vintage Wing Sung 233's from one kind lady from Salt Lake , Kolkata. Paid Rs 1500 /- for the pilot set and Rs. 600 each for the WingSung 233's. These pens were never inked, mint condition.
From the early 1970's these pens are more than 40 years old, a fine piece of history. I remember from my childhood days, these pens were much liked by girl students in those early 70's, and being eyedropper filled , these used to hold ample ink volume to cover two long exams!!

The pilot nib had a minor looseness in the section, and this what I did !

 The original sticker on the pilot fountain pen.


These original WingSung 233 pens used to be near Cult pens during our student days. These well preserved duo were never inked. Interestingly the new ones I bought from ebay are almost identical. Hats off to Chinese, they have maintained their standards in WingSung 233 pens.

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