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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Two kit less pens.completed today.

Completed these two pens now, photo showing relative size of theb pens.
The orange pen is made from a single blank and a bit larger
of the two. The white pen is made from left over pieces and a white acrylic rod.
Both pens are fitted with Jowo 6 nib unit and Schmidt K 5 converter.
I would hope you like the designs. Welcome comments and criticisms.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Kit-less flat end pen in caramel swirl shade acrylic.

Made out this pen last night. This honey colour acrylic blank was bought from AliExpress, it is a soft and smooth material to work with.
The pen is regular sized, barrel end is tapered a bit more to allow secure cap posting. The cap is maintained parallel over its full-length, including the finial. Section is given a small concave for better grip. Cap maximum diameter 16.8 mm and barrel maximum diameter 14.6 you feel the cap should have been slimmer? However the cap is strong this way.
Jowo 6 fine nib unit and Schmidt K5 converter used. Shown a size comparison with a Lamy Safari.
Hope you like this design. Welcome comments and criticisms.

Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Kit-less pen with rounded end finials.

Made one pen today using leftover pieces of earlier used blanks and a five inch piece of black pmma acrylic rod.
The section is made with two sets of threads, so the section attaches both with the barrel as well as the cap. The dome shape can finial can be opened and a standard clip can be fitted, however a slip on type snake clip is used here.
Jowo 6 nib unit and Jinhao converter fitted.
The long section allows good grip , and the finger does not touch the aluminium seat ring ( it's sharp edges are chamfered and polished smooth however).
The pen short in length as shown compared with a Parker Sonnet.
Hope you all like the design. Welcome comments and criticisms.

Monday, 5 February 2018

Two kit-less pens in New design

These two pens took time to complete as there were breakage, though finally managed to piece together end of the day.

The maroon pen has a less common nib, it is an old NOS vintage indian nib , Platinum

brand. Jinhao converter. The clear acrylic ink window and the section have been new tryout attempt. This one came out a long pen , size comparison with a Twsbi 580 shown.

The colourful pen is made with a white acrylic rod inner body and aluminium coupler. The colourful part of the section and end finials are made from epoxy resin rods from my early casting. These epoxy resin material is very soft and does not sustain threads, hence the acrylic inner body. The epoxy also needs coating of CA glue same like wood for sealing and strength.  This pen is given a Jowo 6 nib unit and a Jinhao converter.

Both pens took a lot of time because of too many parts joining and also had breakage. Overall happy that the pens completed this way.
Hope you like the design. Welcome comments and criticisms.

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Kit-less flat ended pen in light blue swirl acrylic.

Completed this flat ended pen today afternoon. This is a large full bodied pen, 14.5 mm barrel maximum diameter and 16.2 mm cap maximum diameter. Slightly longer than a Lamy Safari as shown in the last photo. The light blue swirl acrylic is prone to chipping at higher speeds if the tool tip is not freshly sharpened. The section is made large for holding comfort for long sessions of writing. Jowo6 nib unit and Jinhao converter.
Hope you like the design. Welcome comments and criticisms.

Thursday, 1 February 2018

Round end pen in deep blue swirl acrylic

Made this pen last evening. It is a slim pen as compared to the usual ones made by me, 13.5 mm Maximum barrel diameter and 14.6 mm maximum cap diameter.
Material alumilite acrylic. Jowo 6 nib unit and Jinhao converter fitted. The pen is made cap-posting enabled and feels well balanced even when posted. The last photo is for size comparison with a Sonnet.

Hope you find the pen likable. Welcome comments and criticisms.

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Three more pens made recently.

I had been trying out a few less conventional design pens. These came out better than expected.

29 January 2018.
This is an over sized pen with rounded end finials, the shape of end finials was inspired by the cap worn by the Thompson pairs of Tintin comics. If this pen is made in production I would name it Thomson.
Black and speckled yellow acrylic material, Jowo 6 nib unit and Schmidt k5 converter. There is provision for fitting a clip,but commercially available clips are short for this long pen. Chosen a slip on type snake roll stopper. The pen is made cap posting capable, however it may not easily handle with cap posted

Hope you like the less conventional design. Welcome comments and criticism.

31 January 2018

This design is a new tryout and I feel quite happy the way the pens turned out.. Clip-less model with clip fitment provision kept in the dark pen, slip on snake type roll stopper.
The pen is relatively simple to machine, 17 mm straight cap with 14.8 mm straight barrel with  4 degree end taper. The section is 19 mm with concave grip, quite ok to hold. Short and stubby looking but overall length is more than that of a Parker Sonnet.
Jowo 6 nib unit and Jinhao converter fitted.

The acrylic material very high quality and it machines like ebonite, well , almost. Regret the photo quality, actually the pens look better.
Hope you like the design. Appreciate comments and criticism.